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Jim Caddick (born June 19, 1994), formerly known as James Caddick[1] and known primarily by his username Caddicarus, is a video game reviewer. He's lived in Hereford, England since 2016. Despite reviewing both modern and retro games, Caddy has shown a particular preference for games of the PlayStation 1 generation and reviews it longer as he talks faster on how the game goes, his favourite of which being Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus

Caddicarus created his YouTube channel on September 10, 2011. Recently, he has started a new channel, Caddy's Conundrums, for videos he deems not appropriate for his main channel.

On February 10, 2016, Caddy announced to rebrand his series to gain more control to his upload schedule cancelling Caddy's Retrospectives, Tinker Time and Drive-Thru Reviews respectively.[2]

His YouTube page can be found here.


Main Channel (Caddicarus) Edit


Caddicarus reviewing PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

Current Shows Edit

Special Shows

Former Shows Edit

Secondary Channel (Caddy's Conundrums) Edit

  • Drive Thru Reviews (later moved to his main channel after his Resident Evil HD Review, however it was later cancelled to have a more controlled schedule of upload times)
  • Regarding...
  • Caddy's Conundrumming (later included to his new show Caddy in which part of his main channel)
  • Caddy Cussbottom
  • NOSTALGIACAD (Caddy's old random video before he became popular)

Random Conundrums Edit

  • The Puppicarus Show

Trivia Edit

  • After Caddicarus made a video about Peppa Pig the BBC made a news article about Youtube channels exploiting famous characters like these for views, while unconfirmed Caddicarus theorises that the news article was made because of his video on Peppa Pig.
  • Caddicarus currently lives with his girlfriend and helps to look after her 3 children (Amy, Phoebe, and Chloe, the latter of them doesn't appear in videos as much), which caused fans to give him the nickname "Daddicarus" or "Daddy Caddy"
  • Although Caddicarus prefers Playstation he does own an Xbox and PC


References Edit

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